Gemsli and Little Gems: A Rich History

The Gemsli brand officially launched in 2006, but the seed for this luxury lingerie source was planted many years earlier. It all began in 1982 when Gemsli’s co-founder Moses Spitzer made his foray into the fashion world with his very first company, PEMO. It wasn’t long before PEMO owned and operated its own state-of-the-art garment factory in upstate New York. At the time, it was the best way for them to monitor and control the quality of the garments they were producing.

After many successful ventures, Moses and the other creative minds behind PEMO merged with Little Gems and added Gemsli to their list of successful fashion labels. More than twenty years have passed since the days of running the NY factory, and many things have changed. Fortunately, though, the company’s commitment to quality is one thing that has remained the same. Although Gemsli garments are not made in New York, they are still constructed from the finest materials available with the highest-quality weaving, knitting, cutting, and sewing techniques possible.

Gemsli Makes a Splash

As soon as Gemsli hit the scene, it was in great demand. As early as 2006, high-end boutiques across the globe were stocking their garment racks with this new lingerie. Although the attention was great, there were still many women who didn’t know that they could get such a luxurious garment, one that marries comfort and quality, for an affordable price. So, Gemsli exhibited at the CurvExpo New York show and successfully reached a whole new audience that was thankful for the introduction. Gemsli was thankful too. You see, for the founders and employees of this lingerie supplier, business is more than just design and construction, it’s about relationships.

Gemsli and You

Today, Gemsli is proud to present a full collection of fine lingerie which has become legendary for its luxury, comfort, appeal, and elegance. In fact, many women won’t leave their homes without their Gemsli slip. Why? Because they are soft, comfortable and cling-free – superior to every other in the same price range. Ultimately, it’s a commitment to quality, design and workmanship that has led to Gemsli garments being sold through specialty retailers throughout the world. You too can offer high-end lingerie to your clientele. Whether you own a corset shop, a specialty boutique, a bridal shop, an internet boutique or you’re the buyer for a multiple unit chain or department store, Gemsli is committed to serving your needs.

Join our many satisfied customers and provide your consumers with the best in lingerie, every day. We’re the brand they’ll grow to Love.